Be Rewarded for Spending Money

If you don't have a travel rewards credit card, you should get one right away. Almost every travel blog has a piece on travel credit cards, but in this post, I will discuss how I've used the Chase Sapphire Preferred card to help me travel thus far. I'm sure I will edit this post as it helps me more times with my travels.

This past summer I went to a wedding in Mexico City, Mexico and was able to get two round-trip tickets with all of the points I earned using the card the past year. Recently, I used my points again for my one-way flight to Barcelona, my starting destination for this crazy adventure teaching English around the world. With the points I earned since my trip to Mexico, I cut an already cheap ticket costing $315 down another $75. Yes, your math is correct, I only paid $240 to fly from the Bay Area to Spain. Depending on your nightlife habits, that could be close to your monthly or weekend bar tab, no judgments if yours is higher. I know all the drinks aren't yours and who doesn't love Sunday brunch and mimosas for a little hair of the dog from going out Friday and Saturday night.

Snapshot of the details on this card:

  • The first year, no fee, but after Chase charges $95 per year (not too shabby considering I've likely saved upwards to $2,000 on flights)

  • You earn 1 point per $1 you spend

  • You earn 2 points per $1 when you pay for anything travel related like airfare, hotels, and train tickets

  • You earn 2 points per $1 when you use the card at a restaurant

  • They also have a pretty good referral program that benefits you and me, let me know if you're interested

  • Plus a bunch of other perks.

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