Be a Collaborator

I have some exciting news! I have officially started a partnership with another blogger. I will be collaborating with @seenicwander writing about my experiences teaching English online and my life abroad. We connected over the facebook group for our TEFL certification school, International TEFL Academy based in Chicago. Just another example of why the International TEFL Academy is an excellent company to get your TEFL certificate. Being able to connect with other teachers abroad has been very useful.

Here is a short bio about Nic:



"Nic is an online English teacher seeing the world one house sit at a time. When she's not lost in a new city or befriending giant lizards on remote islands, you'll find her writing her travel blog

Her blog is all about how to start teaching online, how to start house sitting, and how to transition to location independent life."

Since 2017, Nic has been teaching, blogging, and living abroad. I have realized I have a lot to learn about this blogging world. Her page has excellent resources for traveling and teaching. So, I'm excited to be working with Nic and learn the tricks of the trade. Nic's blog also has great tips for those who want to learn how to travel long term, but not necessarily teaching English. (although its a great side hustle while traveling)

Nic is hoping to reach out to more online teachers with blogs to create a large forum to help guide future teachers overseas. The internet and connectivity is fantastic. It is incredible to be able to make new friends, even thousands of miles away. She also just launch her own youtube channel and etsy shop for printable 2-D teaching props for Online English Teachers.


Instagram Take-Over

Next month I will also be taking over the Instagram account for the International TEFL Academy. Click the link to follow them on Instagram. On July 26th, I will be talking about teaching and living here in Bilbao. I will be sure to remind you all closer to the day so you can watch!

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