Be in the Summer Party

Thailand has the full moon parties, Germany has Oktoberfest, Brazil has Carnival. Basque Country town and Saint days. When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, here we party all summer long to celebrate.

Every town has a story. Every village has a unique history.

Here in Bilbao, we celebrate the history of the individual towns that became known as Greater Bilbao. As this is my first year and summer here in Basque Country I am trying to experience as many as I can. In this series of posts, I will cover my experiences of what I learned, pictures, and hopefully, video. I apologize in advance for the bad quality of video and if any bad decisions. Crowns.

My first post in this series will cover the warm-up party, Lamikao.

Here is the summer plan but I doubt I will make it to all of them.

May 31st- Azoka de Lamikao

June 9th- Azoka de Plentzia

June 15th- Fiesta El Chiringuito in Algorta

June 19th-21st: Santa Ana

June 24th: San Juan( Fiesta de Saint John)

June 24th-30: Fiesta de Sopelana aka San Pedro

June 29th: Bata del Vino

July 6th-9th: San Fermin aka Running of the Bulls

July 16th-Fiesta de Neguri Santa Ana

July 22nd- Fiesta de Paellas

July 24th-28th: Fetes de Bayonne

July 27-31: Fiestas de Algorta- San Ignacio

August 4th-9: Virgin Blanca Festival

August 10th-14th: Fiestas de Algorta Puerto Viejo

August 10th17th-Aste Nagusia "Grand Week" in San Sebastian

August 19th-25: Aste Nagugia Bilbao

This list isn't even all of the festivals a full list. If you care to see exactly how many there is, you can see the vast list here and here.

The ones I am looking forward to are San Juan, Sopelana (the festival zone is my backyard), Bata del Vino, San Fermin, Fiesta de Paellas, Fiesta de Algorta, Fiesta de Puerto Viejo, and Aste Nagugia Bilbao. A Topeeeee!

Be curious. Be courageous. Be chivalrous.