Be at Fiestas de Algorta


I can finally understand why people take in so much pride about there town party. Algorta was the first place I called home when I studied abroad in Bilbao in 2016 with USAC when I attended Chico State. The fiesta of Algorta starts on the Saturday following Paellas. Check out my experience at Paellas here, if you haven't already.

It is important to note if you live here, the Friday following Paellas is a holiday. Everything closes except bars, so make sure you've done your grocery shopping. The party begins on July 27th and ends on July 31st. To get to the party zone, take the metro to the Algorta station and head to Plaza de San  Nicolás. Here you can find the main area but expect to go bar hopping up and down Avenue de Algorta.

Each day there are different family and cuadrilla activities. For example, the first day there is a parade and locals walk around in different group costumes. I was quite startled during it because they were letting off super loud ground fireworks. There was also a blood sausage, also known as black pudding eating contest. Additionally, throughout downtown Algorta, there are stages set up for concerts. Also like all festivals, they set up fair rides down along Playa de Ereaga.

During town parties, is it custom to eat Talo or Taloak in Euskera. Talo is a hand made cornmeal soft taco with txistorra, a spicy and thin type of chorizo. If you want, you can also add bacon, cheese, and lomo (pork). Talo is also generally made on the spot, so lines can be long but usually doesn't take too long. You can expect to pay around 5 euros per Talo. There are also dessert Talos with the cornmeal shell and Nutella and whip cream. If you're at Fiesta de Algorta, I highly recommend the Talo from Maggies, located in Plaza de San Nicolás.

"Talo is historical to the Basque Country. During the Spanish Civil War, it was one of the few things we could eat," said one of my local friends Danny.

Each day after my Dada hours, I would head from Sopelana to Algorta to meet up with my different groups of friends to go bar hopping and eat Talo. On the last night at 11, everyone heads to Parque de Txopos in "upper Algorta" to watch fireworks. This park has excellent views of the ocean.

Here is a list of my favorite bars, restaurants, and clubs in downtown Algorta to visit.


  • Maggies- great ambiance of Plaza de San Nicolas

  • Burdinola- great Pintxos

  • Biltegi- excellent wine bar

  • Txinuk- Craft Beer



  • Kafe Mamarro- Open late, younger crowd bar that turns into a dance club at night

  • Manhattan Bar aka "The Divorce"- Open late, older crowd

Be curious. Be courageous. Be chivalrous.